When Magisaur Fell to Earth, Conclusion

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The arachnophants charged.

Magisaur stood to greet them.

Their tusks glowed in the sunlight. Each of their footfalls ground into the asphalt, kicking up clouds of dust. Their huge ears flared. Their eyes flashed.

Magisaur bowed. He fell to one knee, bending his neck, closing his eyes in prayer.

One of the monsters trumpeted. The call buffeted Magisaur’s ears. He paid it no mind.

He would be true to how he was written. He would show wisdom. He would not pray to his killer, but to the One who created the one who created him. He asked mercy and nothing more. Only to the infant Lord, only to the Babe of the stable, and what he became when he grew.

The monsters thundered closer, closer.

Magisaur closed his eyes. Lord, have mercy.

The beasts thundered closer, closer.

Magisaur lifted his face to the sky, welcoming the bright sun shining through hazy clouds of dirt. As wonderful as it was here, how much brighter would it be beyond?

The ground beneath the leading leg of the front arachnophant crumbled under its step. The asphalt gave way to a pit. Magisaur heard the deep snap of a leg breaking. The creature tripped. It twisted as it fell, striking both its companions.

All three skidded into the ground. A tusk of the lead monster scraped the dirt scant inches from Magisaur’s feet.

He didn’t stop praying.

Wisdom calls for prayers of need and prayers of thanksgiving, too.

A rope ladder dropped from above. “Grab hold!”

The arachnophants stirred. They would not be grounded for long.

Magisaur stood and gripped the ladder with all his might. “Haul me up, good friend Jer!”

Above, Jer grunted as he cranked the ladder back up. Paddington sucked in air quickly, climbing into the sky again. By the time the arachnopants stood, Magisaur was out of sight.

His arms ached. “I am filled with gratitude for the salvation you bring, but it will be for naught if you do not soon return me to my feet!”

“Workin’ on it!” Jer called out with a strained voice.

The air cooled against the dinosaur’s skin. Moisture beaded on his tiny foreclaws.

At last the ladder lifted him where he could hoist himself onto the deck. He lay on the planking, gulping in breath. Jer fell beside him.

“You know,” he gasped, “You could have just roared at them.”

“I trust the roar of Another above my own,” Magisaur answered.

“That don’t sound so smart to me,” Jer returned.

“Perhaps the wisdom of the wise is made foolish by him, then.” Magisaur struggled to stand. “Please tell me we will be at the Orphanage soon. I do not desire more adventures like that one.”

This is a Barrelbottom Tale


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