Hiatuses Happen

I made it! By my count, I’ve posted three times a week for seven weeks in a row. My original goal with Barrelbottom was to post three times a week for six weeks. I initially failed. A second attempt and I’ve done it!

…though the story obviously isn’t done.

I’m going to go on hiatus for a few weeks; I suspect a month, maybe a bit more. I know I will return, at latest, Monday, August 4th. Why am I breaking my streak?

First, the last few weeks I’ve scrambled to get posts out on time. I want to spend a few weeks without the pressure of posting and still hopefully building up a nice pad of done posts.

Second, for a large chunk of July, I’m simply out of town on vacation. I’m expecting to do a lot of writing while I’m gone, but I don’t to pressure myself into posting, or even writing Barrelbottom if I feel like writing something different.

Third, the last post ended on an appropriate cliffhanger-ish type thing. When I return, the next season will barrel forward with the metaplot and we’ll start pulling characters together. It’s time. It’s more appropriate to pause now before we tackle the next leg of the journey.

Fourth, the thing that derailed me last time was struggling with depression. I’ve felt that I’m “in the breath between storms” for a while now, and lately I’ve felt the first few raindrops hit. I’m going to give myself time to deal with this stormfront. Let’s not set up the writing for failure, shall we?

Fifth, this summer some amazing things are happening at my church, and I want to concentrate on them. God has been doing great things here – I take NO credit! – and I need to make sure I’m mentally free to focus as much as possible.

Sixth… really, do I need to go on?

But for now, the plan is to go on hiatus for Barrelbottom for at least a few weeks, but I will return to three-times-a-week posts August 4th at the latest, barring emergencies. I will likely post other things on the blog here in the meantime – if nothing else, book reviews, and my Bride’s and mine annual “book-hunting” getaway is in mid-July. I’m sure I’ll post to show off our trophies.

So, until then, read good!


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