Finding Inspiration in Fireworks

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Almost everyone watches fireworks. A beautiful display of danger high above us.  Being the good ole American that I am, I went to see some fireworks too. While I was watching, I decided to come up with adjectives to describe the fireworks differently. It’s a fun writing exercise that can be done anywhere! Here’s a few of my favorite ones.

1. The back of Chris Hemsworth’s head (the actor who plays Thor)

2. A ping-pong ball in a tutu

3. Pixie dust in an exploding bomb

4. Hydrangea bushes

5. Dreadlocks

6. Medusa’s head of snakes

7. The Hydra: a spark dies out, replaced by three more

8. A rose

9. A cheerleader’s pom-pom

10. A bow tie

11. A person puking

12. Saturn (rings and all!) and other planets

I know. You guys reading this post are cracking yourselves up with my insanity. Go ahead. Then create your own insanity. It’s a cool place to be!

Looking at every day objects and trying to creatively express their nature is a good brain teaser. It can help bring more details into your writing because you have more cool ways of expressing those details. I certainly need help with that! People like Tolkien though…a complete different story.

I hope that whoever reads this post will find an inspiration to write more from around them. Maybe even shove some time in their busy schedules to write a story!

Happy 4th to all! Woo America!


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