Triune Artistry

Before there was time, there was God, existing in perfect unity as three distinct persons, a mystery no mortal mind can understand. In perfect harmony they wove the foundations of the earth, established the great expanse of the universe, designed all creatures great and small, and fashioned their most wondrous creation – man. The picture painted by Scripture is that of the three working together to bring forth all that is.

It is a humbling notion that this great Triune Artist would allow man, now fallen, to reflect his own creative quality and participate in the process of art. But in so doing, God expresses the beauty of his creation through the artist (or poet or wordsmith or sculptor, whatever you like; and all too often, he does so unknowing who works in him), and the viewer, in turn, gains a greater understanding of God’s creation through the artist’s work. In a way, this process reflect the Triune nature of God, for without the viewer, the art lacks purpose; without the artist, the art lacks form; without God, the art lacks meaning. The three work together to bring forth beauty.

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