It’s a little dusty in this here blog…

It’s just that musty blog smell…

Greetings, gentle listeners!

It’s time for yet another phase of Seeking the New Earth! Last time we initiated the site, we checked out books that no one should write. It was fun! And then… life.

My father-in-law passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, causing me to, well, focus on family matters. And then the holidays hit, and well, since I’m a pastor, I got to be rather busy. And in January, I went and wrote a rough draft of a novel. That left little time for posting anything here!

But… an author needs a public platform, and I’ve decided to stake that claim here. And that platform needs content!

And thusly… I’m back for another stab!

But, woe is me, I have not the time to create new content for the blog, unless I give up the novel I just completed (which I have no intent to do) or I stop the pesky call I’ve received to serve as a pastor. And thus, conundrum!

I’m braining really hard for a solution here. Either that, or man my hairstyle is weird.

But perhaps a wild solution appears.

…well, that’s not the solution I was prepared for.

Were you aware that over 800 posts lurk on this blog? Could you fathom how many of them are fiction? And, is it possible to imagine… that perhaps they might be of some use?

Once I press “publish” on a blog entry, no publisher will look at it. And I don’t blame them; why pay the writer when you can get the milk for free? Or other mixed metaphors? So, I’m going to take some of those old stories… and read them. Out loud. It’s time for some audio-book stylings!

My plan is to read one a week or so and post. I practice a lot of reading to my kids. I’m not an expert, I admit, but hopefully it’s the type of thing you can listen to in the car. Or while at the dentist. Perhaps during a boring sermon.

“And the Lord didst say, readest thou thine science fiction, or thou shalt be boring upon the earth! People, we need to you be salt! Read thine Vance and thine Burroughs, or I shalt send upon thee a plague of Meyers and sparkly vampires!”

No. Don’t do that last one.

After a number of those, I might bundle them together as an album on iTunes or somesuch. Not entirely sure there, but we’ll see.

And so, that’s the plan. Hopefully I’ll get something recorded and up within a week!

And meanwhile I shall revise that novel… and look for more publishers… and maybe pursue that pastoral ministry thing that I do…

“You can’t sleep in church! You’re the pastor!”

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