Point of Divergence

“It’s not the crucifixion, either.”

None of the Millers bothered looking up from the multiversal scanner. “I thought we agreed it wasn’t a religious crux point,” most of the various versions of Miller muttered.

“We’re running out of options,” the Barretts answered. Barrett-187 slipped on his amethyst multiversal-filtering lenses, allowing him to focus on just the Miller from his own home reality. The rest of the congress of Millers faded to blurred shadows.

“That event’s too early in the stream, anyway. We narrowed it down to the last decade of the first century A.C.E., remember?” Miller-187 glanced up. “I’ve been trying to look in other areas, other shatterpoints. It’s got to be something minor. We investigated every major event on earth.”

Barrett nodded. “Thus my going backwards. But every timeline has it. The divergences don’t start until around 90 A.C.E. I still can’t believe we can’t follow all the streams back to the multiversal headwaters.”

Miller shrugged. “The whole thing’s a mess. I mean, we never even needed to think about this tech until the verses started merging back together, like some sort of… multiversal big bang in reverse.”

Barrett nodded. “It’s almost like whatever shattered everything in separate directions is going to reverse. Whatever caused everything to start diverging is going to rectify and unite us all into one timeline again.”

Miller wrinkled his nose. “I hope not. Miller-153 is a jerk.”

“Mirrors are never kind, are they?” Barrett smirked. “Meanwhile all the Barretts are pretty swell.”


“It’s a good word.”

Miller shook his head. “Come on. Back to work.”

Barrett shook his head. “I tried following the threads back, but they kept landing on some no-name island named Patmos in the Mediterranean. What could have happened there that would cause all of reality to fracture?”

The challenge: Write fifteen minutes, edit for five, post the result! 

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