Whither Alathea?

My! Wasn’t that a fine story? How the author wrapped up every loose thread and Alathea rode to victory, and we all saw some neat truths about God illustrated?

What was that?

The story never ended?

Well, drat and drat.

Well, it’s true. Alathea’s taken a bit of a sabbatical. Her story will be ending, though, and soon. Well, this story within it, at least. Last night I wrote the next part, and it’s my intention to build up some completed chapters before I begin posting them again.

What happened?

My call as pastor has almost doubled in weight for time commitment, and by my own doing. You can read about it over at my other blog if you wish, of course. However, my creative energies bend all their power over there, leaving very little left for pure “fun-writing.” I’m hoping that over the next few weeks things ease up a bit into the summer routine, though, so I can get back to fun-writing.

I’ve also been reading up a storm — hopefully I’ll get some reviews up as well.

I’ve also been reading

We’ll see what happens, right?

In the meantime… well, Alathea will hopefully begin posting next week again! And on to the conclusion!


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