Racing the Sunset

I don’t look nearly this cool mowing my lawn. 

I started too late, and now twilight gripped the yard. I could barely see where I was mowing, but I was going to finish. To hell with only getting half the lawn mowed! So what if I got started too late, insisting on starting after the kids went to bed! I. Was. Going. To. Finish.

And so I raced sunset and lost. In the darkening twilight I finished… maybe. Maybe. Hard to tell, really. I think I did. Maybe when dawn brightens the yard it’ll reveal a terrible zig-zag of weeds and nice strips of mown lawn.

I hate mowing that lawn. I loathe it. But tonight, there was nothing more I wanted to do than to complete the task.

Back when I was still doing job interviews, I was often asked what my best and worst qualities were. I always answered the same for both: My tenacity. Once I take a task between my teeth, I don’t know when to stop. Even if I can’t see where I’m going.

Sometimes that tenacity is good. I hate mowing the lawn, but now it’s done. I complete tasks, no matter how I feel about them.

But… sometimes that’s really not a good thing. Like when arguing. I can’t let things go. Really not an attractive thing in most people, much less pastors. The positive here is that I’m aware of it, so it’s something I can work on.

So… what does that have to do with anything?

Hi! You’re reading a blog post on a blog that’s been resurrected and died numerous times. I’ve tried the writing and publishing thing a number of times. And it’s not like I don’t write in my day job – in my life as a pastor, my primary non-family vocation, I write weekly sermons, Bible studies, I’m writing a confirmation curriculum… and yes, though I wed what I write to the Bible, though I serve Scriptures, it still involves a lot of writing muscles to figure out how best to explain or illustrate what’s going on. I could focus all of my writing ability there.

But… imagination.

I love telling stories. Not every story is about Jesus. Many are. There are definitely stories with Christian themes on this blog.

And I’m now in a place where… I have the ability to write for fun, at least for now. I’m sure at some point (cough cough Lent cough cough) I’ll have to go on a hiatus. But now, I get to chase the sunset again. I have this task I’ve set before me:


Write purely for the joy of writing.

And if I get something published? (Like yesterday!) Awesome! Every once in a while I write something and I say, “Well, this one isn’t for the blog. Let’s see if there’s someone accepting submissions that this fits…”

Because I still have this task I’ve taken between my teeth: Let’s get published. Let’s keep pushing and seeing what talent and skill develops.

It’s this tenacity thing again. I just don’t give up.

So once more the blog is plugging along! Once more I get to throw stories out there.

Once more I get to race the sunset.

Thanks for running with me.

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