Daddy and Daughter Time

Come here, pixie!” David laughed as he snatched up his daughter and tickled her. She flailed her arms and legs, giggling. Her eyes glowed with love for her dad.

They plunked down on the couch in front of the tv, and the tickles continued for a few moments. Sara snuggled into her dad with a contented sigh.

David looked down at her and raised an eyebrow. “Have you brushed your hair today?”

She wrinkled her nose at him.

You need to brush your hair, Sara. Every day.”

The wrinkled nose remained.

Do I need to brush my hair?” He pointed to his bald head.

Her smile returned.

But I don’t have any hair!”

Grow some, Daddy!”

Oh, fine!” David wiggled his nose, and golden, flowing tresses sprouted and spilled down onto his shoulders. “Is that better?”

Sara’s giggles exploded from her.

In short order David’s new hair withered and fell to the couch, poofing into gray dust.

Daddy, how come you never do magic when Mommy’s around?”

Mommy is human, pixie. You and me? We’re different. And sometimes that scares humans. So we keep our magic to ourselves.” He sighed. “Honestly, there’s not much magic we can do anyway, so it’s kind of pointless to show what we have. It just doesn’t last long.” He glanced at his shoulders where the hair had lain just a few seconds ago.

But we can do magic with each other, right?” Sarah stretched the last word with a mischievous smile.

Pixie, your giggles are already the best magic.” And David tickled her and found joy again.

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