Dead Worlds


World 0731. She’s still dead.


World 0732. No newspapers here, and no public records of deaths anywhere I can find. Had to visit the House. Found an urn with her picture on it, with incense burning to it. Apparently we use some sort of ancestor worship here? Doesn’t matter. She’s still dead.


World 0735. She’s dead here, too. For fun I looked myself up. Yep. I’m dead, too. Not my favorite world to visit.


World 0738. Dead world. Ruins. First time I’ve found a dead world where humans existed. Some sort of virus, from what remains of newspapers I can find. I need to stay in quarantine before I go home. Don’t want to bring it back.


World 0738. Day 2. No symptoms yet, but every time I cough I feel nervous. Doing some exploring. A lot of the houses of worship are burned down. Nearly every other building seems to be intact. A bit strange.


World 0738. Day 4. Getting sick of canned food. If I’m immune to this virus, maybe botulism will get me. Found a working computer. Apparently some preachers said the virus was sent by God to punish everyone. Retaliation’s a bitch, huh?


World 0738. Day 7. Think I’m in the clear, but control wants me to wait around another week to make sure. I asked them to send me some fresh fruit, and now they’re having me do mental stability exercises. Figures.

I’ve found decaying bodies just about everywhere I go. A lot in homes, of course. Families huddled together. A lot gathered in hospitals. But not a single body in any of the houses of worship. It’s strange. I’d expect the faithful to preserve their churches, but nothing here. Maybe it’s a cultural thing for this world? I’ve seen enough different places, but it’s not normal to stay on this long anywhere. I do have a mission, after all, and this gets more expensive every day. We won’t be able to keep faking that she’s just in a safe place much longer.


World 0738. Day 8. I found them. I found out what happened to the faithful.

They were at the hospitals.

I discovered a bunch of women gathered with a Bible at bedsides at the ICUs. I found a man with the – that collar thing? The one that priests wear? Anyway, I found a man with that collar thing in the corner of a room with a family. They all died together.

While everyone was out destroying their churches, they were here, serving the people.


World 0738. Day 11.


I’ve found her. Here, she lived. She survived the attack.

I can’t.

I’m sorry. I don’t know how to report this. It’s her fault. She killed this world. After she survived, she ordered a retaliation. She ordered one of the Black Vault projects released on the enemy. And it couldn’t be contained after it did its job. And this is what happened.

She contracted the disease shortly after. I found evidence that their Black Vault had also discovered a Gateway to jump worlds. Looks like they searched for a cure. I pray that they didn’t take the virus anywhere else.

Yeah. I said pray.

Did you see? Of course not. No, I’ve been around the dead too long, Control. I need to talk to someone, and these reports don’t really count. And… and if there isn’t someone up there, somewhere above us to talk to, if this is all there is…

…we’re all dead worlds.


World 0738. Day 14. Tomorrow I go home. I’m so…

This place is too quiet.

I’ve been thinking. Took one of the dead priest’s Bibles. He’d underlined a passage. I think – it looked like he’d opened up to this page a lot. “All things work for the good of those who love him.” I don’t know how he could think that. At least, not here. And the worlds… they seem to work against that, don’t they? Every world we come to is worse and worse and worse.


Unless I’m learning the lesson. That our world… our world has the promise? Unless the best thing is that she died. That her death isn’t the tragedy we thought. That her death protects us from… from places like this. And us trying to find a replacement for her… us trying to find a replacement for the president, the best one we’ve ever had, the smartest and the most diplomatic, the one who’s turned our nation around… maybe the best thing for us is that she’s dead?

Maybe the worlds are just God teaching us that lesson? That he knows what he’s doing?

I don’t know. Control, get me home.


It’s better there.

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