Permission Slip

Greetings, Parents!

Through a grant from the Jennifer McFly Memorial Fund, all third graders are invited to attend a field trip to the dawn of time on Tuesday, October 14.

Every year there are a few parents nervous about time travel, so we’ve included a few notes here. If you would prefer to excuse your child from the field trip, Mrs. Verne will remain behind to train the children how to watch for alterations to reality due to temporal meddling. It’s always an exciting alternative, though nothing like seeing the dawn of time itself. I personally encourage you to allow your child to attend the field trip, especially since, with the grant, it’s free to every family!

This field trip is generally safe; the worst that has happened in previous years was the spawning of several divergent realities which are now at war with our own. That rarely happens, though.

We will be leaving from the school at 7am local time on Tuesday, October 14. Please have your child here at least ten minutes early. We will likely be back before 7:30am local time, so please just wait for the chronosphere to return. The children will have experienced between four to twelve hours of time away. They’ll probably sleep well when they get home!

The dawn of time tends to run in extremes in temperature, so it’s good to bring a jacket just in case. Please also pack clothing at least one size smaller and one size larger than your child currently is, for emergency events.

There tends to be some chronal displacement; don’t be surprised if your child comes back needing a fingernail trim, a hair cut, or a razor to start shaving.

Please pack a lunch. Remember, no tree nut products or dairy products! We also encourage your children to bring their water bottles.

Thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

We do need a few chaperons, too. If you’d like to attend, please fill out the waiver on the back and send it home in your child’s folder. Please note that we cannot be responsible if you regress to your child’s age, but we will gladly set you in the same classroom if you prefer upon our return.

Please check the following waiver for your child:

I will not hold Stephens Elementary responsible for any damage to the timeline, including my child’s personal timeline. Teachers will do their best to keep the children within the chronosphere, but all children are responsible for their own actions.

___ My child may attend the field trip to the dawn of time.

___ My child will remain at school, pursuing alternative educational opportunities

Parent’s Signature:


Thank you for your time! We look forward to a great field trip!

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