Be the Wookie.

So the other day I was thinking about Star Wars and Jesus.

Like ya do.

Anyway, I realized that Christians are like Chewbacca. Not that they’re big and hairy (though some Christians are) and not that they smell (though some do). It’s not that they deserve medals when their friends get them all. Nor is the point of comparison that gnarly bowcaster I’d love to have.

We have a life debt.

So, maybe this will be changed by the upcoming movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, but I’ve always understood that Chewie sticks by Han because Han rescued the wookie from slavers when he was younger. Chewie knows he owes his life to Han, so he sticks around to serve Han as best he can.

Chewie isn’t sticking around to get Han to like him. (In fact, sometimes their relationship is somewhat contentious.) Chewbacca isn’t trying to get Han to do something for him. It’s not that the wookie needs a ride or is hoping to get paid. No; Chewie sticks around because Han already performed a life-saving act for him, and now in gratitude he’ll serve Han the rest of his days.

And that’s very similar to my life as a Christian. You see, I was trapped. Not just trapped – I was already a slave. Jesus says it plainly: “He who sins is a slave to sin.” And Jesus came and freed me – not just at risk to himself, but by paying with his own life as the price. I am already freed from my sin. Jesus did it – it’s done!

Now I get to thank him by serving him. Yes, sometimes our relationship is contentious – the Christian that doesn’t wrestle with God probably isn’t thinking too deeply about what God is saying. But I’m not obeying to get anything from God. How could I? He already gave his life to me, and with his life, he generously gives me all things! So I get to serve him the rest of my days, which extend into eternity since he’s won me a home in heaven!

Unfortunately, a lot of people get this backward. By nature we tend to think we’re the Han Solo in the partnership: Dashing good looks, we get to fire first, and because we do God some favors, he should be listening to us.

We think God owes us for sacrificing for him. After all, we give up an hour(!) a week for him, so that should be good enough, right? Especially if we even pay attention!

Yeah. That’s like saying Yoda owed Luke just because Luke showed up at Dagobah. Yoda don’t owe you nothin’, fool!

“Involve me not with your similes. Busy I am.”



We’re the Chewbacca in this relationship: we owe God, and so we get to serve him the rest of our days for something he’s already accomplished for us. (The fancy term for this, by the way, is “sanctification” — my reaction to what Jesus has already done for me.)

And really, it’s pretty cool being a wookie, so I’m not going to complain.

How about you? Do you ever think about Star Wars and Jesus?

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