The Madness of Oz

Nick Chopper wasn’t always the Tin Woodman; Once he was a flesh-and-blood man who fell in love with a Munchkin girl. The Wicked Witch of the East disapproved and enchanted Nick’s ax. He went to work felling trees, and his ax chopped off his leg. A nearby tinsmith named Ku-Klip replaced the leg with a […]

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Hard Reset

Well, if he messed up this time, he could always rewind. Again. Just keep thinking that, he reminded himself. You’ve still got a safety net. A couple more rewinds. Just remember what you learned last time so it doesn’t go badly this time. It’s not like the fate of the world rests on this. It’s […]

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Dead Worlds

  World 0731. She’s still dead. *** World 0732. No newspapers here, and no public records of deaths anywhere I can find. Had to visit the House. Found an urn with her picture on it, with incense burning to it. Apparently we use some sort of ancestor worship here? Doesn’t matter. She’s still dead. *** […]

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The World She Left Behind

  The planet shuddered as the moon passed too close. Atmosphere dragged from the turbulent blue planet to the rocky satellite. Tidal tsunamis spread across the oceans and onto the continents. Bryan spread his fingers against the observation glass. He squinted down at the planet, sussing out the obscured continents, searching for a large bay […]

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Maybe Nonfiction Instead?

My other blog that focuses on my ministry stuffs has reached over 400 posts. That seems like a lot of words to me. I mentioned as much to a friend, who made a suggestion that has blossomed into an idea that I’m considering: Writing nonfiction. OK, sure, I’m already writing nonfiction over at that blog […]

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The Book Orchard

Marlene knew she shouldn’t have read the unsterilized book, but sometimes it’s hard to say no. She’d been hired as a booksheller and placed in the “pleasant books” division. She slept through training – who didn’t? – and then was placed out in the orchard, plucking the ripened nuts from the thick, thick branches. She […]

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A Good Book is a Mirror

I just finished reading Still Life with Tornado by A. S. King. This is a Good Book. It paints a chillingly accurate picture of spousal abuse from the eyes of a child with a stunningly original speculative twist thrown in: Sarah, sixteen years old at the time of the novel, encounters herself as a ten-year-old, […]

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