Review: Horizons

Normally I would wait for any reviews until the end of the year for a roundup of “Year of Books” posts. If I read a good book by a small publisher or lesser-known author, though, I’ll probably make an exception. And this is one of them! So, without further ado: Horizons by Peter Prellwitz On […]

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Kerthis and the Half-Giant Menace

Pitter-patter. Slide. Shift. Pitter-patter. The cacophony woke me. He fell into the cave. Cold light tumbled in from outside, splattering all over dark stones and a dark, dark pool. He landed on his face with a startled yell, his cloak fluttering about him. A husky breath, two, and he jumped up, flinging his cloak behind […]

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The Forgotten Story

If your story is not remembered, you will cease to exist. I just finished the challenging novel Time’s Memory by Julius Lester. I’m not writing a review here – I’ll include it for next years “A Year of Books” roundup – but the book concludes with this thought: If your story is not remembered, you […]

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Many Words, Many Worlds

She sits there reading, sucked into another world. I watched her in the bookstore. I saw what spines she lovingly caressed and which she pulled out for further examination. I watched which she purchased, and which she sighed at in longing. And I knew that if I were to ever have a chance with her, […]

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Every Word

First off, if you don’t know who Alexander Rybak is, do yourself a favor and watch some of his stuff. He’s a Norwegian fiddle player pop star Russian dude. And his music is fun. He also did the voice of Hiccup in the European version of How to Train Your Dragon. As such, he also […]

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The Scent is Gone

Her scent is almost gone from the house. I started by cuddling with her pillows. Her lingering fragrance helped me sleep, but of course soon enough I obliterated any trace of her there. Instead of my bride, I smelled me. My sweat, my fear, my guilt, all of it on her pillow, because I cannot […]

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Racing the Sunset

I started too late, and now twilight gripped the yard. I could barely see where I was mowing, but I was going to finish. To hell with only getting half the lawn mowed! So what if I got started too late, insisting on starting after the kids went to bed! I. Was. Going. To. Finish. […]

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