Be the Wookie.

So the other day I was thinking about Star Wars and Jesus. Like ya do. Anyway, I realized that Christians are like Chewbacca. Not that they’re big and hairy (though some Christians are) and not that they smell (though some do). It’s not that they deserve medals when their friends get them all. Nor is […]

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A Good Book is a Mirror

I just finished reading Still Life with Tornado by A. S. King. This is a Good Book. It paints a chillingly accurate picture of spousal abuse from the eyes of a child with a stunningly original speculative twist thrown in: Sarah, sixteen years old at the time of the novel, encounters herself as a ten-year-old, […]

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The Forgotten Story

If your story is not remembered, you will cease to exist. I just finished the challenging novel Time’s Memory by Julius Lester. I’m not writing a review here – I’ll include it for next years “A Year of Books” roundup – but the book concludes with this thought: If your story is not remembered, you […]

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A Tale of Two Men

I wrote this story as an introduction to a class for 7th and 8th graders. It’s heavy handed and allegorical, an approach I usually don’t care for, but I was trying to illustrate a point and had just come off of a read through of C.S. Lewis’s Pilgrim’s Rergress, so it felt like it worked. I offer […]

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A World Not Our Own

“No matter how cold the world–no matter how much we struggle to survive in it–this world is not our goal.” That’s not my quote. Dan Italiano left that comment on Dying Songs, and it blew me away enough that I wanted to highlight it in its own post. How often do we forget that? How […]

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Science Fiction — Today

So, want to go to a job interview where the only question is, “Would you please give us a drop of your blood?” It’s sooner than you think: A recent series of articles at Time magazine’s website discussed the potential and pitfalls of a new technology called “whole-genome sequencing” or WGS. WGS can analyze a […]

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The Christmas Story

We celebrate the intersection of imagination and faith. Here, see how that intersection can lead to amazing presentations of the absolute truth of Scripture. Come. See the true story, from the beginning. Come, see Christmas.

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