The Wonder of the Ark

Alathea reached her hand to the rail. Her fingers hovered over the ancient wood. She breathed deeply of the earthy scent that seemed to emanate from the hull. Her fingers finally settled on the rough grain. She sighed. Looking up, she noted, “None of the other ships are crashing into this one.” Jaraeden nodded, a […]

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The Long Road

Queen Tyasa rode alone. The black iron gate yawned open. The guards at the gate in their black armor snapped to attention one final tine as her horse stepped forward, his head bowed. Her people crowded the street. Somewhere a baby cried. Men in dark robes spread along the cobblestones, each bearing a single torch […]

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Prayers in a Dying Graveyard

“I can’t do what you ask,” Alathea answered. “But the God I serve? If he chooses to use me to free you, I will do it.” Jaraeden’s lips pressed together into a tight grin. Flames flickering from the nearby ship’s pyre lit his features. After a moment, he nodded and gestured behind him to an […]

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Crossing the Darkness

She kept yammering away about her God. Every single one of them listened. Every. Single. One. Except the one who had run ahead, of course. Matt grunted, wished he could have followed. Fool runners were always too fast for him to keep up. Kids, that’s what happens when you take an arrow to the knee. […]

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Silencing the Graveyard

The flames devoured the sails first, of course, ripping through them with a contented sigh, before settling in to chew the marrow of the mast and working down to the deck and hull. Boat after boat. The graveyard needed thinning, after all. The clamor of the hulls, that cacophony of ships ramming each other into […]

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To Catch a Prince

Her hair kept catching in her teeth. Worst part of never cutting your hair. Rapunzel crouched over the flames, careful to keep her hair as far back as she could. The clearing still held not a few drifts of snow, but spring had melted clear a few patches of ground. She stirred the pot of […]

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Cat on the Fritz

Calibrating the cat isn’t as easy it sounds. All right, I know, it doesn’t sound that easy. I mean, really, trying to do anything to a cat is pretty much impossible, unless you’re trying to get a cat to hate your guts. That’s their factory setting, after all. But the cat was on the fritz. […]

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