Creating Something More

My wife left. OK, don’t panic, she just took the kids to go visit her family a few states away for an early Christmas. I can’t get away, so I’m baching it this weekend. (Baching is short for “being a bachelor,” right? Well, that’s how I use the word, so deal with it.) Lord willing […]

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Be the Wookie.

So the other day I was thinking about Star Wars and Jesus. Like ya do. Anyway, I realized that Christians are like Chewbacca. Not that they’re big and hairy (though some Christians are) and not that they smell (though some do). It’s not that they deserve medals when their friends get them all. Nor is […]

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The Madness of Oz

Nick Chopper wasn’t always the Tin Woodman; Once he was a flesh-and-blood man who fell in love with a Munchkin girl. The Wicked Witch of the East disapproved and enchanted Nick’s ax. He went to work felling trees, and his ax chopped off his leg. A nearby tinsmith named Ku-Klip replaced the leg with a […]

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Maybe Nonfiction Instead?

My other blog that focuses on my ministry stuffs has reached over 400 posts. That seems like a lot of words to me. I mentioned as much to a friend, who made a suggestion that has blossomed into an idea that I’m considering: Writing nonfiction. OK, sure, I’m already writing nonfiction over at that blog […]

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A Good Book is a Mirror

I just finished reading Still Life with Tornado by A. S. King. This is a Good Book. It paints a chillingly accurate picture of spousal abuse from the eyes of a child with a stunningly original speculative twist thrown in: Sarah, sixteen years old at the time of the novel, encounters herself as a ten-year-old, […]

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Sad Little Stories

Sometimes I write depressing things. In part, that’s because I have clinical depression. Honestly, if you look at what I post, it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone – after all, I have a lot of “Oh, sad” stories, and then some with a more humorous bent. Which is really a lot like having depression. Most of […]

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The Forgotten Story

If your story is not remembered, you will cease to exist. I just finished the challenging novel Time’s Memory by Julius Lester. I’m not writing a review here – I’ll include it for next years “A Year of Books” roundup – but the book concludes with this thought: If your story is not remembered, you […]

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Every Word

First off, if you don’t know who Alexander Rybak is, do yourself a favor and watch some of his stuff. He’s a Norwegian fiddle player pop star Russian dude. And his music is fun. He also did the voice of Hiccup in the European version of How to Train Your Dragon. As such, he also […]

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Racing the Sunset

I started too late, and now twilight gripped the yard. I could barely see where I was mowing, but I was going to finish. To hell with only getting half the lawn mowed! So what if I got started too late, insisting on starting after the kids went to bed! I. Was. Going. To. Finish. […]

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