It’s a little dusty in this here blog…

It’s just that musty blog smell…

Greetings, gentle listeners!

It’s time for yet another phase of Seeking the New Earth! Last time we initiated the site, we checked out books that no one should write. It was fun! And then… life.

My father-in-law passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, causing me to, well, focus on family matters. And then the holidays hit, and well, since I’m a pastor, I got to be rather busy. And in January, I went and wrote a rough draft of a novel. That left little time for posting anything here!

But… an author needs a public platform, and I’ve decided to stake that claim here. And that platform needs content!

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Books Not to Write

Books Not to Write

Let the challenge commence!

Here’s the rules:

Each week I’ll pick a title from the list above. I’ll write a story. While I’m not imposing a word limit, I’ll be aiming for flash fiction for all of them. The story must fit the title. There are no genre restrictions, nor are there “seriousness” restrictions.

For the first week, I’ll be aiming at story #1. I may not be the only one posting entries! 🙂

If you’d like to join in, using the “contact us” form, and we may post it!

(And yes, that means, for now at least, Barrelbottom is done. I need to free up brain space for another major project — making another run at getting a novel published!)

“The Price of Citizenship” … in the writer’s market?

Once upon a time there was a young couple who loved each other very much and found much joy in remembering their wedding day as they looked through wedding albums. Since the young lady was a talented photographer, she and her husband decided that they wanted to help other people have wedding joy as well. So they began a business taking photographs of couples on their wedding day and other joyful events in the life of a family.

However, more than they loved each other this young couple loved God, and wanted to do his will. They wanted to support what God calls good, and warn against what God calls bad. So when someone came and asked them to photograph an event that they knew was against God’s will, they refused. They did not want to be unloving, and they knew that the most unloving thing they could do was give the impression that they supported something they believed was bad.

The ones who asked them to do this were not content to find a different photography company. Instead they took this couple to court, and after many months of court battles the young couple was told by a judge that they had violated the law, and that going against their principles is “the price of citizenship”.

Was the judge correct? Was that a fair application of the laws of their land? No one knows for sure. But no one should be told that they must violate their principles. No one should be told to abandon their beliefs. No one should be told that they are wrong for standing up for the truth. And this young couple should not be prevented from bringing joy to other couples simply because they do not change their beliefs to follow the whims of society.

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…is it dead?

That’s how you determine if it’s dead. So, if you want to find out if this blog is dead, poke your monitor with a stick. Seekingnewearth is not responsible for any damage done to your machine.

So, no posts here in a month. Even longer from me. What gives?

Frankly, I’m writing in overdrive… for a novel. And Brandon’s been busy with a novel, too. And Jeremiah Marshe, who graced with a great beginning to a nifty story? He’s a teacher. He’s teachalating now. Yes, that’s a word.

Does that mean that Seeking New Earth is dead?

I’ll let you make your own joke.

Well, I’m going to try to get back on here on a regular basis. For months now I’ve been posting about weekly on my other blog, Ordained for Growth. I think it’s time I make a similar commitment here. I’m almost done with the current draft of the novel, so I’m hoping to be back here, maybe even with some fiction. I’ll certainly have a review or two to post in coming weeks, as well.

No, we’re not dead. We’re certainly not as active here as once we were. As if you didn’t notice.  Continue reading

Serial Saturday… where art thou?

Hi! Kenichi here. I’m on vacation away from home. You know how it is when you travel. On the one hand, you’re relaxing. On the other hand, you’re keeping super busy seeing old friends, visiting sights, and being on the move to make the most of your vacation.

That’s how things are going for me right now. I hope you’ll forgive me.

Serial Saturday and the Tales Krimm will return on Jan 5.

New Author, New Gimmick

Salutations, Seekers!  You might have noticed that this week we added another author to our growing list of authors!  We welcome Kenichi to the club!  Since he’s writing under a pen name, I won’t divulge what I know of his dark and mysterious background.  I’ll leave that to him.  But trust me, he will not disappoint you when it comes to delivering quality fantasy and science fiction.

Along with Kenichi comes an idea he posed to us – Saturday Serial!  He would like to lead the charge with this idea.  Every Saturday you’ll get a chunk of a longer term story.  Check back weekly!  And don’t forget, tomorrow we have Flash Friday!