A Good Book is a Mirror

I just finished reading Still Life with Tornado by A. S. King. This is a Good Book. It paints a chillingly accurate picture of spousal abuse from the eyes of a child with a stunningly original speculative twist thrown in: Sarah, sixteen years old at the time of the novel, encounters herself as a ten-year-old, […]

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Review: Horizons

Normally I would wait for any reviews until the end of the year for a roundup of “Year of Books” posts. If I read a good book by a small publisher or lesser-known author, though, I’ll probably make an exception. And this is one of them! So, without further ado: Horizons by Peter Prellwitz On […]

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A Year of Books: EXILED!

We have another shelf. We’ve just gone through the shelf of all shelves, the “what we read this year” shelf. We also have a “to be read” shelf. This isn’t the books we necessarily want to read first; these are the books we’ve bought in the past year. And it’s time to clean it out. […]

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