Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation

Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation (Now published as The Accidental Hero) by Matt Myklusch Jack resides at St. Barnaby’s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost (crushing the spirit of childhood since 1898). Someone abandoned him there when he was an infant. Jack doesn’t even know his last name; it’s… a blank. The […]

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Ramage by Dudley Pope He awakens to the sound of cannons. His frigate has been broadsided; he’s the last officer alive, and he’s already badly wounded. The ship is sinking. The French are bearing down on them. And now, having commanded his ship for just a few minutes, he must decide how to lead the […]

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“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” – Bilbo Baggins No matter how much I love my home, the comforts of these walls, the love of my family and the peace […]

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Adventures Linger

Tom narrowed his eyes. “You’ll never catch me.” He spun and leaped off the rock, his feet bicycling as he fell. The air whooshed out of his lungs as he hit the stony ledge below him. He rolled with the impact and was on his feet in an instant. If he had any chance of […]

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A Princess of Mars

A Princess of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs So, for graduation I received a Nook. I pondered the countless possibilities for reading. Usually it’s difficult for me to choose what to read when I’m having a decisive day; now I was faced with an infinite array of books in a new format. I finally settled […]

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Food of the Gods

The cave-in saved his life. Casimer thanked various pantheons that the rocks had cut him off from enemy forces as he groaned and started unburying himself. He glanced ahead at Bobbi. The blond crossed her arms. “Little help?” She rolled her eyes and shoved a few of the lighter boulders out of the way, grumbling […]

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