Dead Worlds

  World 0731. She’s still dead. *** World 0732. No newspapers here, and no public records of deaths anywhere I can find. Had to visit the House. Found an urn with her picture on it, with incense burning to it. Apparently we use some sort of ancestor worship here? Doesn’t matter. She’s still dead. *** […]

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Every Word

First off, if you don’t know who Alexander Rybak is, do yourself a favor and watch some of his stuff. He’s a Norwegian fiddle player pop star Russian dude. And his music is fun. He also did the voice of Hiccup in the European version of How to Train Your Dragon. As such, he also […]

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You Will Not Be Forgotten

“I won’t remember?” Agnes strained to be able to see her visitor in the chair beside her bed. The woman in the pale pink shirt shook her head sadly. “No, I’m sorry. If you let me take your memories, you won’t have them anymore. It’ll leave you disoriented. Probably angry. I don’t blame you. But […]

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Seeking an Old Earth

“We were exiled long ago.” The fire crackled within the stone circle. In the distance the glass trees whistled in the breeze. The night sky sparkled with thousands of shades of green stars, from brilliant emerald to nearly pure white. And the children, the oldest of them thirteen years, huddled around the heat of the […]

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My Grandfather’s Eyes

“Just watching the rain,” my grandfather answered. I scanned the dry field in front of his uncured wooden porch. “It’s sunny.” “Hm? Oh, yes. I suppose it is. Here.” His lips stretched into a grin. “But I never said I was watching the rain here.” I looked from the withering tomato stalks to his eyes. […]

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A Lesson of Law

The blackened bark of the sundered faetree accused Alathea. She denied nothing. She knelt at its dead roots and wept. Parthenos placed a hand on her shoulder. “Tell me,” his deep voice intoned. “I danced,” she choked out between sobs. “I danced and the thunder danced with me. I laughed. And then the thunder went […]

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Up from the Graveyard

Jeraeden watched the Walls of the World for a week before he gave up. The people of the Graveyard explored the Gray Islands, flitting from place to place, learning to make the reedships of the people there. The sun burned so many of his people! Jeraeden manufactured a skiff for himself and set out to […]

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