A Lesson of Law

The blackened bark of the sundered faetree accused Alathea. She denied nothing. She knelt at its dead roots and wept. Parthenos placed a hand on her shoulder. “Tell me,” his deep voice intoned. “I danced,” she choked out between sobs. “I danced and the thunder danced with me. I laughed. And then the thunder went […]

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Up from the Graveyard

Jeraeden watched the Walls of the World for a week before he gave up. The people of the Graveyard explored the Gray Islands, flitting from place to place, learning to make the reedships of the people there. The sun burned so many of his people! Jeraeden manufactured a skiff for himself and set out to […]

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In ages past, the bowl of the earth flooded. The Djarini claim the evil of the ice giants broke the world. The Chattering Women say that it was retribution for the way their children had abandoned them to the forest. The Scarred Pilgrims claim their own evils brought the deluge. All remember the Flood. How […]

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The Creak of the Hull

A ring of fire writhed around the bottom of the world. Jaraeden watched as the horizon lit. Flaming masts pointed burning fingers toward a dark undersky. Hulls broke apart and tumbled in flaming ruins into the abyss. The sound of hissing filled the air as the mists that plummeted from the edge of the world […]

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Burn the Graveyard

Talon scrambled out of the darkened hold. “This isn’t going to work.” “Nope.” Matt spun more of the fuse from the spool he carried. “We’re doomed to stay down here forever.” “Pretty much.” “Except when they catch us, they’re going to throw us down there.” Talon peered over the rail to the endless abyss. “That’s […]

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With No Sign to Save

They would have flung their torches and let the ship’s deck light around her as a pyre had Jaraeden not strode to her side. The crowd, the residents of the Graveyard, shouted at her. “Burn our homes?” “False paladin!” “Insane!” Yet there were some in the crowd. The ones who had seen her light. They […]

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A Choice of Truth or Salvation

Across the clatter of hulls ramming each other, the patter of feet on decks wafted through the night. So many bare feet, dirty toes, ragged boots, sandals worn smooth with time, they slipped across the distance between ships. They gathered around Jaraeden’s boat, watching, waiting. They had heard the promise: a paladin whose god had […]

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