The orc scratched his cheek, considering the menu. “An order of bloodwaffles, please,” he spoke in a clear tenor voice. He ignored the two children tearing up their paper children’s menus who also sat in his booth. Hattie took his lead and also ignored the kids. “Would you like your bloodwaffles topped with anything?” One […]

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The Peace of Home

“Home,” Deren answered. The Sargon’s smile faded. His brows drew together. “Oh, dear, dear Deren, I would give you kingdoms and blessings beyond imagining for what you have done for us. I would give you a story that would end in glory. You have given so much and given up so much more. But I […]

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Kerthis and the Half-Giant Menace

Pitter-patter. Slide. Shift. Pitter-patter. The cacophony woke me. He fell into the cave. Cold light tumbled in from outside, splattering all over dark stones and a dark, dark pool. He landed on his face with a startled yell, his cloak fluttering about him. A husky breath, two, and he jumped up, flinging his cloak behind […]

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Many Words, Many Worlds

She sits there reading, sucked into another world. I watched her in the bookstore. I saw what spines she lovingly caressed and which she pulled out for further examination. I watched which she purchased, and which she sighed at in longing. And I knew that if I were to ever have a chance with her, […]

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A Lesson of Law

The blackened bark of the sundered faetree accused Alathea. She denied nothing. She knelt at its dead roots and wept. Parthenos placed a hand on her shoulder. “Tell me,” his deep voice intoned. “I danced,” she choked out between sobs. “I danced and the thunder danced with me. I laughed. And then the thunder went […]

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Up from the Graveyard

Jeraeden watched the Walls of the World for a week before he gave up. The people of the Graveyard explored the Gray Islands, flitting from place to place, learning to make the reedships of the people there. The sun burned so many of his people! Jeraeden manufactured a skiff for himself and set out to […]

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