Maybe Nonfiction Instead?

My other blog that focuses on my ministry stuffs has reached over 400 posts. That seems like a lot of words to me. I mentioned as much to a friend, who made a suggestion that has blossomed into an idea that I’m considering: Writing nonfiction. OK, sure, I’m already writing nonfiction over at that blog […]

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We Are Not Gone

You think we died. You think we went extinct. You are wrong. When you finally found earth, surrounded by a shell of broken satellites, you saw a dead world. You sent down probes that set off all our security devices, destroying not just the probes, but the ships that launched them. You see, we’d forgotten […]

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My Grandfather’s Eyes

“Just watching the rain,” my grandfather answered. I scanned the dry field in front of his uncured wooden porch. “It’s sunny.” “Hm? Oh, yes. I suppose it is. Here.” His lips stretched into a grin. “But I never said I was watching the rain here.” I looked from the withering tomato stalks to his eyes. […]

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Tree of Life

Air filled his lungs: crisp, clean, perfect. Water tumbled down the waterfall, releasing a fine mist that prickled the skin. Bright blue skies shone down on him. A green dolphin-like creature on long scaly legs cocked its head sideways at him across the shallow lagoon. Ted Murphey sighed. He ran his hand over the pale […]

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Whither Fiction?

Wasn’t this blog about… um… Christians writing speculative fiction? Wasn’t this supposed to be about some people writing their speculative fiction that happened to be Christian? So, what happened to the fiction? What’s with all the reviews? I’ve mentioned it before, but it appears I’m in the “READ MOAR” section of a cycle I run […]

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Here we go again! Snow and Smoke and Nation of the Child have come and gone… time to visit a new world, a new civilization! This one won’t be daily posts. I’m aiming for weekly, but longer posts from it. Because I’m working on other projects behind the scenes, I won’t promise weekly — but […]

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