Laggur and the Drowned Sands

“And one day you will lead your people to the next island. You will brave the seas, cross the waves, discover a new land, and tame a wild and unknown place. You are my son, and you will be brave.” Daeun spread his lips in a tight grin at his second son. “But daddy, I […]

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Jim gasped as the needle sank into his arm. A small bead of blood formed around the needle as practiced hands pressed gauze to the site. The librarian smiled. “There, Mr. Carter. It shouldn’t take long now.” She pressed the IV tube in to the injection sight, and a stream of red began flowing out […]

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We Are Not Gone

You think we died. You think we went extinct. You are wrong. When you finally found earth, surrounded by a shell of broken satellites, you saw a dead world. You sent down probes that set off all our security devices, destroying not just the probes, but the ships that launched them. You see, we’d forgotten […]

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Wednesday’s Invasion

“2011 lawn mower. Good repair. 22-inch cutting area. Can’t get the blood stains out. There’s blood everywhere.” Marc glanced up from the classified section, raising his eyebrows. “You know I’ve tried haunted hardware before. It never goes well for me.” Geoffrey shrugged. “Sure, but I saw the price. And your lawn looks like it needs […]

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