The orc scratched his cheek, considering the menu. “An order of bloodwaffles, please,” he spoke in a clear tenor voice. He ignored the two children tearing up their paper children’s menus who also sat in his booth. Hattie took his lead and also ignored the kids. “Would you like your bloodwaffles topped with anything?” One […]

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The Peace of Home

“Home,” Deren answered. The Sargon’s smile faded. His brows drew together. “Oh, dear, dear Deren, I would give you kingdoms and blessings beyond imagining for what you have done for us. I would give you a story that would end in glory. You have given so much and given up so much more. But I […]

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My Girl

OK. Maybe I didn’t make the smartest choice. Maybe. Don’t give me that look. Hey, just because my girl – all right, ex-girl – why you gotta go correcting my stories all the time? You and me, we’re not dating. You don’t get that right. And no, you’re not my type, so don’t get any […]

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Creating Something More

My wife left. OK, don’t panic, she just took the kids to go visit her family a few states away for an early Christmas. I can’t get away, so I’m baching it this weekend. (Baching is short for “being a bachelor,” right? Well, that’s how I use the word, so deal with it.) Lord willing […]

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In Memoriam

They stood at the end of the world, the cliff overlooking the sea, golden waves of grass behind them, a champagne sea before them reflecting the explosion. They watched as the shock wave raced toward them. Beside them the wreckage of a skimmer lay smoking. She put her hand in his. “Do you remember,” she […]

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Be the Wookie.

So the other day I was thinking about Star Wars and Jesus. Like ya do. Anyway, I realized that Christians are like Chewbacca. Not that they’re big and hairy (though some Christians are) and not that they smell (though some do). It’s not that they deserve medals when their friends get them all. Nor is […]

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Permission Slip

Greetings, Parents! Through a grant from the Jennifer McFly Memorial Fund, all third graders are invited to attend a field trip to the dawn of time on Tuesday, October 14. Every year there are a few parents nervous about time travel, so we’ve included a few notes here. If you would prefer to excuse your […]

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The Madness of Oz

Nick Chopper wasn’t always the Tin Woodman; Once he was a flesh-and-blood man who fell in love with a Munchkin girl. The Wicked Witch of the East disapproved and enchanted Nick’s ax. He went to work felling trees, and his ax chopped off his leg. A nearby tinsmith named Ku-Klip replaced the leg with a […]

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