Challenge Accepted!

A friend posted this to my private Facebook wall:  She then challenged me to actually write such books.  Well, I won’t write books… but I will attempt some short stories! Once I wrap up this “phase” of Barrelbottom, I’ll start posting some of these!  (Incidentally, I didn’t post this last week… because I didn’t get […]

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…is it dead?

So, no posts here in a month. Even longer from me. What gives? Frankly, I’m writing in overdrive… for a novel. And Brandon’s been busy with a novel, too. And Jeremiah Marshe, who graced with a great beginning to a nifty story? He’s a teacher. He’s teachalating now. Yes, that’s a word. Does that mean […]

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Wanna enter a contest? Try here to enter the String-of-10! It’s a nifty concept that works well with what we’ve got going here with Flash Fridays: The site gives ten words. Use at least four of them within a story 250 words or less. Should be pretty simple for our writers, huh? Right? Contest entries […]

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Too Many Universes

I’ve got too many damn universes in my garage. “Good” ones complete with halos and dragon slayers, “bad” ones with a goatee on every man (and woman), and everything in between. Each morning with my coffee I spin off a new one, but I can’t seem to do it right. Oh they’ve got villains, heroes, […]

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Write a Story about This!

Getting inspiration for a story sometimes can be very difficult, and other times it can be dropped right into your lap. Or in this case, washed up on your beach.  Looking for some good fodder for a short story?  Enjoy this little, er, big tidbit. Feel free to use the comments section as a place […]

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Prompt – Main Feature

I’ve been reading through George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, and I’m about three quarters of the way through the third book. First, I must say, this is an amazing series, but if you pick it up, don’t expect a cheery fantasy fable replete with heroes conquesting to happy endings. Boy, […]

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What is Caesar’s

“Gentlemen, we knew it would happen someday. And now it has.” Pastor Bryce Campbell took the measure of the men sitting around the table. “I’ve been audited.” Terry threw his hands in the air. Paul’s head fell to the table. Vince groaned. Hal merely stared straight ahead as his eyes seemed to vibrate. Vince rushed […]

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Prompt – A Bit of an Exercise

This week’s prompt is a little more involved than most, but I hope it will provide a fun experience and result in something interesting. Go to a populated place – a mall, a restaurant, a park, whatever. Just make sure it’s a place where there are going to be plenty of people, and bring a […]

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I’m posting this late Monday night. Luke is probably already close to having his Tuesday thing ready to go up. But I didn’t want to leave a gap on a Monday when I normally post a prompt. The thing is, I’m in Florida, enjoying the hot sticky days followed by slightly cooler, sticky nights, and […]

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